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John helped me record a commencement address for a medical school graduation ceremony. He is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. He went above and beyond in helping me resolve multiple technical issues – all with great patience, expertise, and top-notch communication skills. I am so grateful that I got to work with him and would recommend him enthusiastically to anyone.

Life Startna feel like a movie…Imma keep yall in tuned #hmn @jeanmarcphoto

Dave East , Def Jam/Mass Appeal
It’s a different SOULFUL R&B Vibration OTW November 20th. 🙇🏾‍♂️🐐✨ Photography @jeanmarcphoto 
Raheem Devaugn, 3x Grammy Nominated R&B Singer
Graduation was fantastic.
I know A LOT of work by many hands went into that virtual graduation.  I think it was simply beautiful!
  • The music was beautiful.
  • The talks were spot-on and wonderful.
  • Each student getting to show their hooding was SO special
  • Dean Bass – your talk was perfect PERFECT and moving.
  • The way we did the Hippocratic Oath had me in tears.
THANK YOU all so much for making such a special event.
Yolonda Haywood, George Washington University